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your only as old as you remember you areIt is my hope for this blog that it will allow us “older women” an outlet to discuss what growing old means. Some of the subjects will be funny, some serious, and some even sad.  I  look forward to your comments, and most of all making some new friends!

How many Doctors does one old person need?

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been dealing with some medical issues. That’s what happens when we begin to grow older, our bodies wear out like everything else … Continue reading

trash or treasure?

Do you save everything? Me too. Especially things from our kids when they were little and our grandchildren! Every now and then, I look back at all the pictures, including … Continue reading

Getting old, Mary Maxwell

I believe this video says it all! Enjoy!  

Are your grandchildren taking meds they don’t need?

This is a touchy subject for sure.  So many children are put on medication at an early age for Attention Deficit Disorder.  It is suppose to help them to sit … Continue reading

Ten sure fire ways to tell we are getting older!

Here is a list of things to consider: 1.  We love to go to flea markets and antique shops, but we notice more and more of our stuff is showing up … Continue reading

Mediums, Spirits, & Ghosts…..?

For some of us growing older has us thinking about our life here on earth will be over soon.  I personally believe in a higher power, I am a Christian, … Continue reading

Senior living on a fixed income, where do you go?

Have you ever thought about which states offer the most reasonable rent and living expense?   I have been doing lots of research lately and here is what I found.  Arkansas, … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is almost behind us for another year.  Hope you all had a fantastic day!  I guess now we need to be thinking about our New Year “resolutions”.  Of … Continue reading

Cost of living—–huh?

I got my social security statement in the mail today.  We got a 1.5 % raise!  Aren’t you excited?  Me neither.  Especially when your rent (house payment) and utilities are … Continue reading

“Project Our Way”

How many of you watch “Project Runway” on TV?  It’s fun to see all of the designers and watch them as they bring their designs to life on the models.  … Continue reading