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Have you noticed that you are more patient with your grandkids than you were your kids?   Sad, but true!  It’s probably because we have more time now than we did then.  Also, our priorities have changed.  When we were young, we were constantly running somewhere with the kids.  We signed them up for all kinds of extra activities…, baseball, karate, swimming lessons, dance lessons, music lessons, the list goes on and on.  Instead of just playing and having fun on the weekends the kids were at the soccer field and we were cheering them on!  Some of the parents would get into a fight over a play as though they had bets riding on a professional game!   What kind of an example were they setting for the kids with that kind of behavior?  Thinking back, it would have been nice to sleep late on Saturdays, have a nice breakfast with the kids and watch cartoons together in your pajamas.  Now you see how the grandkids love to stay with you and just spend time one on one making cookies, watching movies, and coloring together.  It is not a competition, it’s just fun!  Both my grandsons are grown up now, but I remember the great times we had.  My precious little grandbaby girl is two years old, and I would give anything to see her more often, but they live so far away.  Now we don’t get in as much of a hurry, we don’t fuss at people for driving too slow because we are probably one of them!Funny quote about patience

There are some things that make me very impatient, however.  For instance, being “on hold” on the phone for 25 minutes and then having to talk to a computer.  Making an appointment for 9:00 then finding out that five other people have the same appointment time!  Going to get your hair cut and the beauty operator is carrying on a conversation with someone else while she is cutting your hair!  There is one good thing …when you are older, you are more brave and will say something about it!

So I am going to try to be more patient and think about what really counts in my older years.  As for the things that make me impatient, I will ask myself “is that really worth getting upset over?”  Probably not!

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I am 65 years old, and a wife, mother, and grandmother. I'm a retired dental office manager, and now I am a blogger!

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I am 65 years old, and a wife, mother, and grandmother. I'm a retired dental office manager, and now I am a blogger!
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  1. Judy Nickles says:

    I was telling someone the exact same thing today…how much I’m enjoying Hanna and Aubrey and wish I could go back and do the same with my boys!

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