Remember when??

One of the perks of being older is that we can remember all of the fads, fashion, hair styles, and music as it was happening!  Here are a few I … Continue reading

Here Comes the Aches and Pains

Oh my aching back…..and neck, and shoulders, and hips, and knees……in fact some mornings I get up and my hair is the only thing that doesn’t hurt!  It brings new … Continue reading

Bifocals!!! Me???

OK, as bad as you hate to admit it, you just can’t see as well as you did once.  There are several “warning signs”. For instance, you go to lunch with … Continue reading

A Look in the Mirror—Yikes!

Here comes the lines and wrinkles!  You look in the mirror one morning and your face has dropped about an inch.  I never really knew what they meant by a … Continue reading

Coming to Terms

As my 65 birthday approaches, I have to face the fact that I am growing old. I am no longer “middle aged”.  I am now a “senior”, and I get … Continue reading