How many Doctors does one old person need?

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been dealing with some medical issues. That’s what happens when we begin to grow older, our bodies wear out like everything else eventually. Some problems are hereditary, some due to life style, and some are just plain bad luck!

Years ago, we had only one doctor who treated everything from a sore throat to a broken arm. Now, you have to see a different doctor for every part of your body! Doctors are all “specialists” now. First you have to have a “primary care” doctor so they can refer you to what ever specialist you need. By the time you get in with them, your either dead or your problem has disappeared all by itself. Of course, you also have to make sure the doctor you get is in your “network” and will accept your insurance. Then if they only work at one hospital, you are stuck with that even though you would prefer a different hospital. Insurance and government is running the medical profession now, plain and simple and charging astronomical premiums to boot. A friend of mine had her premium go up $500 per month recently with no warning! The doctors are at the mercy of these insurance networks as well. If they refuse to become a provider for some of these plans, then they are definitely going to lose patients as a result.

I am thankful that most of the doctors accept Medicare for their elderly patients. We have paid into Social Security all of our lives and should be able to have these benefits. A lot of us cannot afford to purchase Medicare supplement policies, however.

My cardiologist is retiring. He has been wonderful to me and such a good doctor! He was patient, caring, and always took the time to visit with me. I doubt I will find another like him because most doctors are so overloaded with patients that half the time when you go to your appointment you wind up seeing a nurse practitioner instead of the doctor. Although the nurse is very good, I still think you should get to see your doctor.

Yes, things have changed over the years. Modern medicine has made great progress, and saved many lives. But why did everything else involving our medical care have to get so complicated?

Please comment! Would love to hear your opinions on this subject!

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I am 65 years old, and a wife, mother, and grandmother. I'm a retired dental office manager, and now I am a blogger!

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I am 65 years old, and a wife, mother, and grandmother. I'm a retired dental office manager, and now I am a blogger!
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One Response to How many Doctors does one old person need?

  1. Judy says:

    Can’t disagree with a single word! Thankfully, I see my primary care physician once a year. Period. If I had to deal with ‘specialists’, I’d probably just pack it in. I lost my Medicare Advantage plan (of course) but was able to get another one which isn’t quite as good. However, I hear that cuts are coming to those next year. Does anyone hear the echo of ‘rationing’ reverberating in the distance? Is there an Ebeneezer Scrooge somewhere who feels it would be best to “decrease the surplus population”? I wonder.

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