Lookin’ Good!

Do you still feel pretty?  Does your age make you think that it doesn’t matter much anymore?  Well, let me tell you, it will always matter to a woman! While … Continue reading

Thanks for the Memories | Christmas

Christmas image

Remember that old Bob Hope song?  At Christmas time we become nostalgic as we start pulling out the Christmas decorations that we so lovingly packed from last year.  A lot … Continue reading

The morning after……..

Well I have been busy the past few days, but I think I have finally recovered from the “turkey coma”.  I love cooking the Thanksgiving dinner and watching our family … Continue reading

Our high tech world!

We live in an age of smart phones, computers, reading tablets, the list goes on and on.  In fact, people can control everything in their house from an Ipad! The … Continue reading

Coming full circle…

Well, we’ve spent all these years taking care of our family.  Our kids are grown, they have kids of their own, and even some of their kids have kids!  Some of … Continue reading

Are you ready for the holidays?

Have you planned your Thanksgiving dinner?  You may be cooking the meal or going to somebody else’s house to “over eat”!  Some of you have planned trips during Thanksgiving or … Continue reading

Be Patient! ??

Funny quote about patience

Have you noticed that you are more patient with your grandkids than you were your kids?   Sad, but true!  It’s probably because we have more time now than we did then.  … Continue reading

Learning to Say No!

Because you are retired, everyone thinks that you have nothing to do.  So if they need something, they automatically assume that they can count on you!  But the fact is … Continue reading

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your only as old as you remember you areIt is my hope for this blog that it will allow us “older women” an outlet to discuss what growing old means. Some of the subjects will be funny, some serious, and some even sad.  I  look forward to your comments, and most of all making some new friends!

Retirement! It’s finally here!

Hot diggity!  No more getting up at 5:00 am, you can sleep as late as you want!  You can linger over your morning coffee and newspaper and stay in your … Continue reading